helping introverts & empaths*
discover their ideal job

*also known as Highly Sensitive People, or HSPs

hey, I’m Jas 👋🏽

I am an introvert and an empath. My mission is to help introverts & empaths find an amazing job that suits their personality, fits their ideal lifestyle, and makes them happy. That’s what we all want, right?


I’ve had my own bumpy ride, but I have created a Roadmap that combines:

a) Discovery:
through inspiration, reflection & self-awareness #getunstuck

b) Action:
we can use your existing skills, work on new ones, & then build a portfolio. I also use little-known tactics to secure interviews & get that job you want

c) Jedi Training:
as delicate introverts & HSPs, we have an energy that must be looked after and used to help guide us. This self-care will help you in ways you won’t except…


So, why me?

I use:

- my personal experiences as an introvert & empath
- a Masters in Positive Psychology (“the science of happiness’’)
- 5 years in recruitment
- 10,000+ hours of 1-to-1 client contact

IntrovertJedi is what I wish I had had in my early 20s.


Even if it feels a looong way away, your ideal job is within your grasp.

You can read my story,