Why the winter months can be difficult for us

I'm penning this on a late-morning, tissue if left hand and sniffling. (I'm typing this up on a Sunday afternoon still sniffling, and with a hazy-ish-headache-y feeling from a couple of nights of light drinking & late nights, after a long week.

Admittedly, staying up past midnight didn't help me, especially on a MacBook screen, but I also have a cold. It's grey and snowy outside.

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The time I tried to do "my own thing" + why I (now) love having a day-job.

After the safety and security of school, and the "rules" I followed and hoops I jumped through, I hit a big scary wall aged 18 that didn't look like anything in particular but sounded a lot like this:


This life thing had been pretty straightforward up till now. Now sh*t was getting serious. I had to decided the path I wanted to take and apparently stick to for the rest of my life. (So I thought).

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The delicate balance between retreating + showing up in the world

According to the laws of the universe, everything must be in balance. I think someone once said something along those lines. And whoever it was, spoke sense. Opposites attract. What goes up, must come down. Yin and Yang. And so on.

As introverts and/or sensitive souls, there are both benefits and downsides. There always are. It can sometimes feel that, with such delicate minds and bodies, our lives are a constant delicate balancing act.

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