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me at sea, with my family

me at sea, with my family

 Welcome to Introvert Jedi.

I’m Jas. I am a self-confessed introvert, HSP (highly sensitive person) and INFP - if you’re into Myers-Briggs. Speaking of which, I have a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. I’ve been reading self-help and psychology books for years.

This is the place for you if you’re an introvert and/or a sensitive guy who’s always struggled knowing what you want to do with your life, figuring out what sort of work is the work you’d like to do. I’ve been there…

The last 10 years
Since I left school more than 10 years ago (2007), it’s been a bumpy ride. I got accepted to do medicine, then dropped out of university, twice. Shortly after a starting working in an office, I soon knew that that life wasn’t for me in the long-run. I just had zero clue what I wanted, and I had no time to even think or reflect with the long hours I was working. As an introvert and a sensitive soul, it’s felt like I’ve been pulled from pillar to post.

The last 5 years
The last 5 years have in particular been the most challenging, scary yet rewarding years of my life. After I got increasingly dissatisfied and burnt out working in the City in 2014, I finally quit my job in 2015, went back to study a Masters, tried to do “my own thing”, and then took over a year off for a period of self-care. I finally started to honour my introversion and sensitivity, with some pretty major mindset and lifestyle changes. I now work for a startup doing sales & others bits, but with the flexibility of being able to work from home / where I want to.

A note on men & introversion/sensitivity

Two of the greatest “aha” moments came in the last 5 years, realising that I was both an introvert and a sensitive guy. I quickly divulged every book and blog on these topics that I could lay my hands on. I then asked, where are all the guys at?! I know introverted and sensitive guys in real life, I’ve met them, befriended them, unfriended them (just kidding) and whatnot, but what I’ve noticed is that, as a guy, it’s really hard coming out and owning these traits.

Being an introvert and a sensitive also comes with it’s own set of challenges. Major set of challenges. We are complex, deep-thinking, delicate individuals. Our energy is quickly depleted, and that inner voice of ours can be drowned out. It took me a long time to find mine. And this is an ongoing process of self-care, self-honouring, and really continuing to move forwards and growing, living the life I want to live and doing the work I want to do.

thanks so much for being here and here’s to your unique journey,


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