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me at sea, with my family

me at sea, with my family

 Welcome to Introvert Jedi.

I’m Jas. I am a self-confessed introvert, HSP (highly sensitive person) and INFP.

This is the place for you if you’re an introvert and/or a sensitive guy who’s into personal growth, trying to be the best version of yourself, or just generally figuring out this thing we call life.

Since I left school more than 10 years ago (2007), I have felt very lost and unhappy with a few bumps in the road. Part of my journey has been coming to terms with my introversion and sensitivity, part of it what I need to nourish myself, and the rest I’m still figuring out to this day.

The last 3 years have in particular been the most challenging, scary yet rewarding years of my life. I quit my job, went back to study a Masters, tried to do “my own thing”, and then took 18 months off for self-care before, earlier this year, getting back into the swing of things. I am pleased to say that, as I write this today in November 2018, I am in the best place I have ever been (I’m even looking forward to turning 30 next year… who knew?).

Here on this blog I write about my journey thus far, and continue to document this as I go because I do not have all the answers, and I never will. Such is life.

I use:

- Science: I have a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology
- Wisdom in various forms, old & new
- Stories from various fascinating individuals
- My personal experiences

thanks so much for being here and here’s to the journey,


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